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The Graphic Truth About Canadian Health Care Costs

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PDF report available here. The simple truth is no matter how hard US and even Canadian politicans try and convince taxpayers that health care costs are better controlled by the private sector, their efforts blow up in the faces with the castasophic failures and PUBLIC bailout of just about every large sector of our economies.

It should be nearly impossible for any government to complain that is is not enough money for social programs, social security and universal, single payer health care after they so quickly and without so much as a three page agreement that poured TRILLIONS of dollars of PUBLIC MONEY the very same wild horse, private sector corporations and financial institutions who claimed to be so much better at running programs like those mentioned above.

Taxpayers on both sides of the border need to start pushing back against these robber barrons and cheerleaders of the Shock Doctrine and DEMAND a clear and coherent long term strategy that works for EVERYONE, especially the people that are paying for it. The TAXPAYERS.

Written by mattliving

January 11, 2009 at 10:42 am

Posted in Economics, Health, Politics

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