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Jim “N-Yuk N-Yuk” Flaherty’s Great New Plan. SPEND!

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Jim "Yuk Yuk" FlahertyCanada.com: Federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty said this year’s budget deficit will be “substantial” as the government considers proposals such as retraining for out-of-work Canadians and changes to employment insurance. (Forget saving jobs these smucks are already planning for the millions of unemployed their lack of regulation and attention will have caused)

“This budget is not about reducing or cutting spending,” Flaherty said in Victoria Monday. (You see we tried that back in December and we nearly got our Neo-Con asses kicked out of office – but thanks to our unique form of government we were able to shut down democracy for two months while the Canadian economy nosedived enough to make our budget decisions for us)

The Jan. 27 budget is about taking the action needed to get through the current global recession, he said. That means being creative, looking at infrastructure and taxes, and “certainly ensuring that we take care of Canadian people who are going to face job loss and who are going to need job retraining during the course of this year.” (Something terrible says Yuk Yuk Flaherty’s creative look at infrastructure and taxes will most mean an even more aggreesive push to using Public and Private Partnerships to replace direct investment in Canadian municipalites.)

Jim “N-Yuk N-Yuk” Flaherty’s Great New Plan. SPEND! And to think Canadians had to wait two months for Harper and the other stooges to come up with this incredibly “innovative” solution to an economic crisis caused by TOO MUCH CREDIT. Borrow money we don’t have and SPEND IT! N-Yuk, N-Yuk!


Written by mattliving

January 13, 2009 at 2:11 pm

Posted in Politics

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