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Jimmy Carter: Israel Fails to Honour Previous Truce.

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Last evening President Jimmy Carter on Charlie Rose was on Charlie Rose and he really helped me understand the current situation in Gaza. He did it in a clear and calm manner without the inflaming rhetoric and propaganda that usually precedes most explanations.

President Carter repeatedly stated that Hamas’ biggest ongoing issue with Israel was NOT military at all but rather their occassional rocket fire was an attempt to get the world to recognize that Israel has NEVER honoured the truce agreement of 2006 in which they agreed to allow food, fuel and medicine to flow back into Gaza.

The agreement stated that at the start 30% of the material would be allowed to flow into Gaza and it would increase to 100% within 30 days. The fact is Israel has never allowed the flow of food, fuel and medicine to increase beyond 20%. A tactic that they have used repeatedly in an attempt to get the Palestine people to turn on Hamas.

bspcommentIt seems to me the biggest obstacle to peace in the Middle East continues to be Israel.

Written by mattliving

January 28, 2009 at 8:41 am

Posted in Peace, Politics, Video, War

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