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Europeans Riot While Politicans Rob Their Futures Blind.

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moneybagsIrishtimes: ONE MILLION workers on the streets of France, wildcat strikes in Britain, rioting in Greece and the Baltic republics and sit-in protests by glass workers in Waterford: social unrest is spreading throughout Europe and no one knows where it is all going to end.

Last week the worst economic recession in at least 30 years claimed its first political victim in Europe when on Monday Iceland’s beleaguered prime minister Geir Haarde tendered his resignation following weeks of street protests. The collapse of the country’s banking system, which has shredded the value of the krona, driven interest rates to 18 per cent and unemployment to 8 per cent, put paid to his Conservative-led coalition.

By Thursday one million workers were protesting on the streets of Paris, angry that they are losing their jobs while bankers are being bailed out. “I’m tired and frozen after waiting half an hour on the platform,” commuter Sandrine Dermont said. “But I’m prepared to accept that when it’s a movement to defend our spending power and jobs. I’ll join the street protests during my lunch break.”

bspcommentWhen will North Americans wake up to the cold, hard realities that our brothers and sisters across the ocean have. The ruling elite are stealing us blind and gutting generations of wealth while our politicans do helicopter moves and hope no one notices just how utterly clueless they really are to the real problems and how to fix them.


Written by mattliving

February 5, 2009 at 10:31 pm

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