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Debt Is THE MOST Important Tool Used To Control Democracy

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In the above clip from Sicko In this clip, former British MP Tony Benn talks about power and democracy, and how empowering people is what is essential to bring a higher quality of life for most people. For, when people are empowered, they will demand more and shift the system in their own favour. The more empowered a society is, the less they will be exploited by their political and economic systems, and the better off the majority will be.

This is really what world leaders around the world were threatened with by the world’s most powerful.

So, if you want to make a better world a reality (which you should), it is up to you to feel empowered. Feel hopeful. Feel worthy of more, and then demand it. Demand a higher quality of life for yourself and for all of those around you.

bspcommentWhen U.S. politicians attended private meetings with the Fed and Secretary of Treasury they were told in no uncertain terms that the comfort and power they enjoyed in their privileged positions in the world was about to end I’m sure many scuffed. Then they were threatened with martial law and anarchy. Many had the biggest epiphany of their lives.

Debt is again being used to control and suppress democracy. We must push back as hard as humanly possible to ensure that we do not ONCE AGAIN become a democracy indebted to the very criminals who caused this latest in a long line of economic catastrophes orchestrated to entrench power for another generation or two.


Written by mattliving

February 8, 2009 at 1:27 pm

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