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CRTC Considers Capping U.S. Program Spending. Finally!

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ravingrabbidsGlobe and Mail: In a move that would reshape prime time television, the federal broadcast regulator is considering placing a cap on how much the country’s biggest TV networks can spend to acquire hit U.S. shows, such as Grey’s Anatomy, The Office and House.

The proposal, which came as a shock to network executives yesterday, would require CTV, Global, CITY-TV and others to spend the same amount on Canadian programming as they do on U.S. shows. For every $1 spent on programs from outside the country, a dollar would have to be spent at home creating a domestic show.

The announcement by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission comes just days after new federal data showed the networks spent a record $775-million on foreign programming last year, with most of that content coming from major Hollywood studios.

bspcommentFinally the CRTC is waking up to the fact that Canadian networks only pay lip service to their Canadian content requirements. Not that there aren’t some good Canadian shows. It’s just that shitty Canadian programming is the core programming that Canadian broadcasters use to try and convince the CRTC that they are living up to their licencing obligations.

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February 14, 2009 at 11:52 pm

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