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Canada Announces “There Will Stimilus Waste and Mistakes!”

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Jim "Yuk Yuk" FlahertyGlobe and Mail: Finance Minister Jim Flaherty acknowledged that Ottawa will foul up as it rushes to dole out $40-billion of stimulus spending, but said the potential for gaffes is acceptable because aid must be expedited to counter the economic downturn. (Shock Doctrine)

“There will be some mistakes made. But it’s worth that risk to help the majority of Canadians during what is a serious recession,” he said yesterday following a weekly meeting of Conservative MPs.

It was a remarkably frank admission from the Tories, a party that prides itself on fiscal rectitude and campaigned on a pledge to safeguard coffers.

Hurried spending to address a crisis – whether it’s an economic meltdown or national unity – is familiar but dangerous territory for federal politicians. The sponsorship scandal that helped topple the former Liberal government began as a panicked spending program to promote Canada in Quebec after the narrow defeat of the 1995 sovereignty referendum.

bspcommentThe Canadian government and Finance Minister Jim Flatherty are complete and absolute jokes if not out right criminals.

First they pissed away any chance to get out ahead of the financial storm that their blind eye to regulation helped facilitate, by playing politics and acting like schoolyard bullies instead of addressing the serious nature of the problem. After spending nearly three months telling Canadians that our economy is one of the strongest in the world and we should not have to worry about the financial meltdown that’s taking place around the globe.

Then just as the financial storm is about to hit they run crying to the Governor General to get the Canadian Parliment shutdown for nearly two months so they can hold on to power. (Yes a coalition government is very legal in the Canadian system of politics)

Even today this government continues to spread the false notion that a coalition government is illegal power grab, while they, like many other governments around the world, hopelessly flail their arms like monkeys in a zoo with financial policies that do little to help regular Canadians and will undoubtedly pour vast amounts of the public purse down the throats of the corrupt participants and broken system that contributed to this economic apocalypse.

Written by mattliving

February 26, 2009 at 8:28 am

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