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CTV Blames CRTC For THEIR Failures

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3d_ctv_200Canada Press/Google: Canadian broadcaster CTV Television Inc. says it’s shutting down two small Ontario television stations hurt by the struggling economy and a squeeze on advertising.

The broadcaster says it will not seek to renew the licences for stations CKNX-TV in Wingham and CHWI-TV in Wheatley and Windsor when they expire at the end of August.

The stations operate under the A-Channel brand and are in a part of southwestern Ontario hurt by auto layoffs, plant closures and streamlining of the manufacturing sector.

CTV said in a release Wednesday that the decision to close the stations reflects financial pressures at the company’s conventional TV operations in the wake of the CRTC’s decision last fall to deny fee-for-carriage charges that would have pumped more money into the industry.

Please! i am so tired of hearing these blithering, whiny idiots complain about how difficult it is to make money in Canadian television.

CTV has had a clear and very traceable record of ignoring regional responsibilities for the sake of making easier profits. CTV has over the past two decades gutted local programming and thinned their newsrooms to the point of making them little more than token initiatives rather than professional, news gathering operations.

CTV has also tried on several occasions to get Canadian programming requirements loosened if not out right dropped to allow them to bring in more U.S. programming. U.S. programming that does nothing for Canadians but fills CTV’s pockets with advertising dollars at a very low cost.

The fact that most if not all of the U.S. programming CTV makes money on is available FREE in high definition to any U.S. citizen with a high speed Internet connection has nothing to do with the facrt that CTV can’t seem to make a go of this whole television broadcasting thing is absolute BULLSHIT.

Sure CTV makes a very small portion of these shows availalbe online but they are presented in painfull small windows at very low resolution and in 8 minutes segments! Wow, doesn’t that sound like an enjoyable viewing experience. Imagine if libraries made sections of books available on business cards or radio played portions of songs between advertisements. Exactly!

Notice to Canadian broadcasters, entertainers and producers. Stop running to the government for legislative redress everytime your market or business models change.

Adapt, innovate or DIE!


Written by mattliving

February 26, 2009 at 12:24 pm

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