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Canada’s ISPs Stand Up For Their Own Fat, Greedy Asses While Flippin’ Users the Bird!

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ars technica: Canada’s telecoms regulator, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) is in the midst of a network neutrality proceeding, and the responses that rolled in this week were vociferous. Several ISPs and music groups objected to any such rules, arguing that they might stop ISPs from implementing all sorts of wonderful policies such as P2P upload throttling, website blocking, and graduated response rules.

One of the more interesting responses came from an ISP called Videotron, which told the CRTC that controlling access to content “peut être bénéfique non seulement pour les utilisateurs de services Internet mais pour la société en général”—that is, “could be beneficial not only to users of Internet services but to society in general.”

As examples of such benefits, Videotron mentioned the control of spam, viruses, and child pornography. It went on to suggest that graduated response rules—kicking users off the ‘Net after several accusations of copyright infringement—could also be included as a benefit to society in general.

bspcomment Here we go again. How is it that every few decades just as technology starts to truly transform the playing field the big players always step up and cry for government intervention. Yet when government even so much as hints at reviewing their side of the equation they all pop up out of their money stuffed dens and start chanting that free-market mantra bullshit that’s been screwing global economies royally the past 12 months and with NO end or bottom in sight!

Canadians consumers continue feel the negative effects of our “legislated” telecommunication oligopolies and again and again our political representatives and agencies charged to ensure equality and fairness get muscled and stroked by big media’s obscene lobby and public relations styled full court press.

Shame on these ISPs for invoking despicable activities like child pornography or make factually misleading statements like Rogers “P2P file sharing is designed to cause network congestion”. Huh? Based on what hard facts does Rogers make such an idiotic statement? These fuckin’ ID10Ts clearly do not think their comments are not going to get absolutely PWN’d by the Internet community at large!? I’m surprised these arrogant assholes didn’t try and invoke 9/11 or some other terrorist bogeymen to really drive home their insane argument for their abusive and anti-competitive “network management” activities, among others.

Throttling is one thing but when major ISPs step up to podium and claim that blocking sites and content is good for their business regulators had better make it absolutely clear that any such blocking will ONLY be tolerated for very well defined and clear legal reasons. The idea that Rogers, Videotron or Bell, all of who have major deals with big U.S. media corporations, are going to fairly manage access to the wider Internet is COMPLETELY LAUGHABLE and extremely dangerous.

Clearly Google, Microsoft and other big Internet players see the great danger these ideas pose and are not going to take such activities lying down and nor should ANY Canadian for that matter.

Written by mattliving

February 27, 2009 at 8:06 pm

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