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Tough Times Bring Tears From the Clowns

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tearsofaclownThe Toronto Star: The recession is no laughing matter.

A bid by Geri Hall of This Hour Has 22 Minutes to lampoon Premier Dalton McGuinty’s new rule that reporters must stay five feet away from him fell flat amid economic doom and gloom.

After a few minutes of awkwardness, a furious New Democrat MPP Peter Kormos (Welland), who was monitoring the scrum, improbably rescued McGuinty.

“Two thousand workers just lost their jobs and they’re trying to hold the premier accountable. Get the hell out of here!” shouted Kormos.

Hall, who gained access to the media scrum with accreditation from the Queen’s Park Press Gallery, ambushed the premier yesterday while he was sombrely discussing the devastating job cuts at Stelco in Hamilton and Nanticoke.

bspcomment You know it’s really funny how that during the “good” and “normal” times politicans never seem to mind lightening up things, especailly when they want to make a point.

Trust me, I have attended Queen’s Park in Ontario and the House of Commons in Ottawa and believe me there is no shortage of coloured comments, dry humour and down right mayhem during question periods.

But now that a CBC show that specializes in political satire manages to get the Premier of Ontario in a rather awkward situation, everyone including the opposite members and press corpe suddenly raise their collective voices in indignation  of the dispicable act of one single political humorist.

Now that the stark reality of the economic fiasco that politicians like Dalton McGuinty have presided over for the last several months are starting to come crashing down on the rose coloured glasses of our credit card powered, shop-til-you-drop citizenry, all of a sudden theirs now room for satire or humour. Nope, the boys and girls who’s actions or lack of action continues to contribute to the current economic crisis are all too serious and stern faced about thess very dark times.

BULLSHIT! There isn’t a politician on this planet that understands the current crisis and they all continue to flail their stubby little, pork-barrel arms around hoping no one notices that they don’t have a fiddlers, fuckin’ clue what’s going on or how to fix it. Truth is every single tax paying Canadian should be up in arms about the total lack of leadership that all levels of government continue to demonstrate.

See, the plain and simple truth is, these politicians only really care about the votes that these jobs may add up to. No? Don’t think so? So where is their indignation and call for quick action on labour laws, the right to organization, worker safety, minimum wage, working conditions, the working poor, poverty hell you name it. Working class and working poor Canadians have been feeling this complete absence of leadership for decades while large U.S. retailers were allowed to setup shop in Canada, bringing their lower standard of living and disdain for workers with them.

Did politicians scream bloody murder when:

  • Wal-Mart closes stores that finally manage to gain union representation? NO.
  • Municipal and City infrastructures began to be ignored because of increased downloading costs? NO.
  • Students struggle under the increasing weight of tution and education costs? NO
  • Banks and credit card companies began charging insane amounts of service charges for Canadians to access their money? NO.
  • Canadians wait hours for basic medical attention and years for surgeries
  • Telcoms began limiting access to the Internet and degrade the user services to ensure their services worked better? NO.
  • Too many more to mention…

So please, enough with this faux outrage for workers and their families. You lazy assholes have had decades to make a real difference in working peoples lives and have chosen to play politics instead. SO SIT DOWN AND SHUT THE FUCK UP OR GET OFF YOUR FAT, LAZY, OVERPAID ASSES AND DO SOMETHING WITH MAKE A REAL DIFFERENCE IN PEOPLES’ LIVES!


Written by mattliving

March 5, 2009 at 1:32 pm

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