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Chrysler Reduced to Employment Terrorism in Canada.

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cryslerplugToronto Star: The head of Chrysler issued a grim threat to federal politicians last night, warning the struggling automaker may shut down its plants in Canada if it doesn’t get significant labour concessions and government aid.

“Chrysler LLC cannot afford to manufacture products in a jurisdiction that is uncompetitive, relative to other jurisdictions,” president Tom LaSorda told a parliamentary committee.

Chrysler’s labour costs in Canada are about $20 an hour more than the costs of automakers like Toyota and Honda, LaSorda told the committee.

bspcommentAm I the only one who want to tell this company to take a flying leap!? Yes I understand that there are going to be a lot of people out of work but these companies will NOT ever become or remain viable until they are forced to reorganize. Government around the world have been too quick to adopt this “we’re too big to fail” bullshit and now they’re are caught in a ever-widening whirlpool of bailout requests. Each one getting bigger and even more expensive.

Let these free-market fools suffer the consequences of their free-market pillaging. Declare bankruptcy and reorganize. Then the government will help.

Threats like Crysler’s are nothing more than economic or employment terrorism. This appears to the future of “free markets”. They remain “free” of government oversight until they’re run into the gorund. Then governments are “free” to pump TRILLIONS of PUBLIC money into them until they become “free” again.


Written by mattliving

March 12, 2009 at 7:37 am

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