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McGuinty Thinks Mores Taxes Are A Good Idea In Hard Times!

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Elxn Ont Liberals 20071010CBC.ca: Ontario plans a major tax reform that will combine both the provincial and federal sales tax on products and services. The combined tax of five per cent GST and eight per cent Ontario sales tax won’t change the price on most items. But many items that used to be exempt from sales tax will no longer be so.

PST Now Applied to Gas, Home Heating and Electricity

Consumers are most likely to notice an increase in the price of gasoline and heating fuels. Electricity will no longer be exempt from provincial sales tax, nor will tobacco, personal services like haircuts, membership fees for clubs and gyms, newspapers and magazines, taxi fares and the professional services of lawyers, architects and accountants. Real estate commissions will also be taxed.

bspcomment Politicians like McGuinty never cease to amaze me with their complete lack of compassion and gall. Politicians, McGuinty included are all but breathless when it comes to how fast they (government) should move to save stalled economies by pouring BILLION$ of our tax dollars into failed companies and business models. Yet he has the fuckin’ nerve to INCREASE MY PERSONAL TAXES!

Sorry but this is getting out of hand and we need a real revolution to wake these assholes up. What the fuck is this idiot thinking by raising taxes on working families in Ontario while WE ALL are struggling with the financial crisis that regulators like McGuinty helped create!

Remember that bullshit he spewed a few years ago when he introduced the Helath Tax after running on a platform of no taxes? Well Ontarians have been paying a lot more for their health care since the tax and the only thing that seems to be getting shorter is the amount of available doctors while the wait times for treatment and completion of community hospitals continues to grow!

Written by mattliving

March 29, 2009 at 3:58 pm

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