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Obama: Autoworkers Must Make HUGE Sacrifices But We Have To Honour Wall Street Contracts. WTF!

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crashtestdummyNew York Times: If sufficient sacrifices are made in board rooms, showrooms and factory floors, the president said, “then we will look back and say that this was the moment when America’s auto industry shed its old ways, marched into the future and remade itself, once more, into an engine of opportunity and prosperity.”

bspcommentIsn’t funny how that labour must always make such huge sacrifices while the banks, investment firms and insurance companies that burned our economy to the ground are somehow exempt from such drastic measures. Of course Congress is flinging it’s legislative arms wildly in an incredibly obvious attempt to cover their asses but it’s too little to late.

In fact, many of the CEOs and executives that contributed to the financial meltdown are now being invited by the Obama administration to implement his “recovery” and “bailout” plan.

Sounds to me like Obama is inviting the arsonists to the bonfire hoping they can put it out. Meanwhile the American blue collar worker must again take it on the chin, wallet and in the savings account while the rich and ruling class walk away virtually untouched by their own greed – as usual.


Written by mattliving

March 30, 2009 at 11:54 am

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