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U.S. Piracy Report Claims Canada Needs To Be Watched! Eooooh!

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piratesflagsMichael Geist: The IIPA, the lead U.S. lobbyist on international IPUSTR Special 301 report, welcoming the inclusion of Canada on the Priority Watch List. matters, has issued a press release on the Yet the release inadvertently demonstrates why the designation is so absurd. Included at the end are the estimated software piracy percentages for each country on the list. While the BSA claims are themselves subject to challenge, compare Canada to the remainder of the list. Canada comes in at 32%. The remaining countries (no rates are listed for Algeria, Israel, or Venezuela):

Country / BSA Claimed Piracy Rate

Argentina – 75%
Chile – 66%
India – 66%
Indonesia – 86%
Pakistan – 85%
China – 79%
Russia – 70%
Thailand – 76%
Canada – 32%

Not only is Canada not even remotely close to any other country on the list, it has the lowest software piracy rate of any of the 46 countries in the entire Special 301 Report. Moreover, it is compliant with its international IP obligations, participates in ACTA, has prosecuted illegal camcording, has the RCMP prioritizing IP matters, has statutory damages provisions, features far more copyright collectives than the U.S., and has a more restrictive fair dealing/fair use provision.

bspcomment So what Professor Geist is saying is the US and their gut rotting lobbyists should just FUCK OFF AND DIE! Canada will create our own laws fuck-you very much and when we do finally get around to real and fair copyright reform you can bet our beach white tax paying asses we will be holding your completely broken model up as an example of how NOT to do it!

I mean really! Who in Canada or anywhere else in the world think the US has NO morale standing to suggest Canada needs to be on some business sponsored watch list?

Says the country that illegally invaded two countries, imprisoned thousands of individuals without warranty or cause, tortured many of them to the brink of death, allowed their financial businesses to nearly collapse the entire planets economy and now thinks it has the right to tell the rest of the world how it should respect it’s software business?


Written by mattliving

May 1, 2009 at 1:59 pm

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