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Canadians Have NO Legitimate Expectation of Privacy

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Search Engine: (Moved to TVO since the brain trust at CBC has cancelled the show) Canadian tech podcast Search Engine, Peter Van Loan, the new Public Safety minister, attempts to explain the Conservative government’s approach to privacy on the internet. (Listen to interview)

“Canadians have no legitimate expectation of privacy when they use the Internet”

bspcomment There you have it. Right from hte mouth of Harper’s lead idiot on the Concersative government’s position on “privacy” vs “security”. At least now we know how the Harper government is going to try and fight this battle using the scary spector of child pornography as a way to get Canadians to lossen up on personal privacy.

The Minister for Public Safety clearly does not have even the simplest grasp on the issue of individual privacy given his galacticly, gifted definition of private information.

We’re not requiring ISPs to give out any personal information without a warrant, just your real name, your home address, your IP address, your home and cell number…

This legislation has NOTHING to do with catching child pornographers. It is about setting a dangerous precedent that will allow the Canadian government to collect information about where you go and what you do online, at anytime WITHOUT ANY COURT OVERSIGHT!

And this government is actually suggesting they may look into allowing Internet voting!? HOLY SHIT!


Written by mattliving

June 30, 2009 at 8:25 am

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