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Stephen Harper. First Class Right Wing NUT Job and Asshole!

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Stephen Harper secretly recorded – “If we do not win a majority, this country will have a liberal government propped up by the socialists and the separatists.”

bspcommentJust when you thought this idiot could not sound any crazier or right wing he gets caught muttering the same batshit insane crap that the religious right in the US have been spewing for months.

BTW Mr. Harper. Canadians and indeed citizens around the globe have seen and felt first hand a world run by Corporatists and Right Wing Ideologues and I think most would say you and your kind could not possibly have failed in a more spectacular fashion yet you seem unwilling or incapable of acknowledging you and your party’s ideas directly caused the world’s economy to implode and continue to cause BILLIONS around the world to suffer for your rich, bigoted friends.

FUCK YOU later and we’ll see you and your batshit insane party at the polls!


Written by mattliving

September 10, 2009 at 10:10 am

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