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Do We Live Up To The Sacrifices Made By Our Veterans?

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Another Remembrance Day has come and gone and I’ve found myself thinking a lot lately about why we remember and why we should never forget. At least for one day. Funny how such great sacrifices are only recognized for one day of the year and even though it’s just one day it is NOT a National holiday?

I’ve also been thinking a great deal about the sacrifices our fore fathers and mothers made and whether or not we measure up to the true costs of veterans past and present with how we live our consumption driven lives and treat our fellow man.

Sadly, I have come to the conclusion that the way we live and the way treat fellow human beings today would not come close to meeting the expectations of of fore fathers sacrifices.

As governments flap their jaws in the 24 hour news cycle about how important it is to defend our freedom and fight back the terrorists that want so badly to take it from us, we have veterans of the last four major wars living in poverty, without proper health services and adequate housing. And what’s even more insulting is our generation is again being asked to make huge sacrifices on the battlefield to fight back the very same “terrorists” that western governments funded and armed over a decade ago!

Our governments find TRILLION$ of our tax dollars to fund bailouts for big banks, car makers, even stimulus money to fix our broken down infrastructure in select ridings across our fine country and of course BILLION$ for the never-ending wars on terrorism and the like but they have little or no money for improved health care, education or to fight the growing plague of working class poverty.

Many people say things are changing quickly and that we may even be witnessing the dawn of a new world order. I say we have precise little time to pull back from the jaws of economic and societal destruction and truly begin renewing and repairing our failing planet and rebuilding and reclaiming our global cultures.

The era of perpetual wars and corporate socialism must END NOW.


Written by mattliving

November 19, 2009 at 5:51 pm

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