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The Canadian FREE Market Myth

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When did Canada abandon the FREE MARKET! Since when did a PUBLICLY FUNDED government agency have the power to muck with the FREE MARKET by forcing FREE MARKET participants to negotiate fees for service?

The CRTC has long told any Canadian that has taken the time to contact them about cable and satellite fees, bill slamming, etc. that the CRTC DOES NOT REGULATE FEES! But that doesn’t apply to those poor hard done by Canadian broadcasters. Of course the CRTC will say that all they’re doing to ensure market fairness but we all know that in reality what they are doing to SCREWING WITH PEOPLE’S FEES! You know. Those fees that continually claim they have no power to regulate when Canadian consumers complain!

I’m getting real tired of these “FREE MARKETERS” and they’re constant barking about letting the free market rule, we can self-regulate, we don’t need government intervention… as long as the corporations have the dominant market position.

If that dominant market position is lost to other market forces or heaven forbid the consumer, these same “FREE MARKETERS” fill the pockets with cash and head to Ottawa to get “corrective” legislative measures.

Canada’s culture will NEVER be preserved by taxing television or any other broadcasting medium. PERIOD!

It’s NOT Going to Save Local TV

And this so-called Fair Viewing tax has NOTHING to do with saving Local television. Local television died many years ago and has been made nothing more than a 2 hour daily joke for anyone who watches it. Of course this doesn’t include all those faux pleas to save local TV the networks created to make it appear that Canadians overwhelmingly wanted to save local TV. BULLSHIT!

The CRTC needs to bug the hell out of the free market and these “poor” broadcasters are just going to have to adjust to life without the government’s exclusive gravy train.

SCREW THEM ALL… if I get another fee, charge or tax on my television bill I’m cancelling it altogether and getting my programming online until the Canadian government makes that illegal too!

It’s absolutely appalling how much North American democracies have been hijacked by these GOD DAMN FREE MARKETERS. Free market my ass. It’s only a FREE MARKET when corporations are FREE to do whatever they want to make profits, legally, illegally or however they deem necessary and when they can’t they’re FREE to ask their respective governments for legislative relief.

That’s what today’s FREE MARKET really means.

The recent GLOBAL economic implosion is a shining example of what FREE MARKETERS do when they are allowed to “self-regulate”.


Written by mattliving

March 23, 2010 at 10:23 am

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