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Why No One Should Vote for “The Harper Government”

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  1. One Billion three hundred Million at G20 $ 1,300,000,000 2 day party.
  2. 30-40 billion dollar non tendered jets
  3. 10- 15 billion for US Style Mega Prisons and mandatory sentences when the US is changing its policies because they don’t work.
  4. Harper was president of the National Citizens Coalition that want to privatize our health care and make his insurance cronies more stink’n filthy rich.
  5. Carson
  6. Bev Oda
  7. Ouimet
  8. Not enough money invested in healthcare
  9. Not enough for seniors (too many go to the food bank)
  10. Claims coalition is undemocratic, while wanting to form his own
  11. No environmental policy because we don’t know what the U.S. is doing
  12. Crime bills for non-violent offenders
  13. Clement trying to stop the aids bill because he is in the pocket of big pharma
  14. Claims success for economy; Martin is the guy who wouldn’t let him deregulate the banking system and turn it into a U.S. one that is now economically ruined.
  15. ACOA appointments
  16. Appointed senate
  17. SNC Lavalin prison expansion in Libya ( I wonder who gets Canadian contracts)
  18. in-and-out. Future prison sentences for the party.
  19. Glass palace on parliament. to cost 40 million for TEMPORARY replacement.
  20. Biggest deficit
  21. Biggest Government in History of Canada
  22. Not talking media questions. 4 pre arranged questions. Whats he hiding?
  23. Ending Kairos funding when they have been with us for 35 years.
  24. Loss of skilled jobs in replacement of 40 in walmarts opening in
  25. F-18’s serviceable until 2022
  26. 150 million total for economic action plan ads
  27. Proroguing parliament twice !!
  28. Taking away our rights under the Canadian constitution during the G20
  29. Claiming Igantieff a foreigner when Flaherty went to Princeton
  30. Off UN security council because of dirty mining in Congo.
  31. 150 million for economic action plan ads that went to a company in Washington state for the actual printing of the billboards and such instead of a Canadian print company
  32. The Cadman affair, gets caught on tape offering a MP that is dying of cancer a million dollar life insurance policy if he vote to over throw the Martin gov’t, then sues anybody who mentions it to keep it out of the press
  33. Having an ad budget (paid for by tax dollars) bigger than what Proctor&Gamble spends in a year.
  34. Loosing our seat in the security council for the first time….ever
  35. Not having a passport until he was elected an MP
    (way to figure out how Canada fits into the world)
  36. Having only one actual job in his life, and that was a job in the mail room at Esso his dad got him.Rating
  37. Black Halloween. 30 BILLION lost by Seniors. His campaign promises mean nothing.
  38. Trying to change the census to short form destroying important statistics used by many.
  39. Contempt of parliament. First government in history. Harper is downplaying it like its nothing. Disgraceful to True Canadians.

Think before you VOTE. But for the sake of your country, children and sovereignty VOTE.

Written by mattliving

May 1, 2011 at 9:35 am

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