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The Last Great American Genius

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Steve Jobs and Woz - 1976

Where do you start when you want to talk about Steve Job and his legacy.

Today, hours after hearing of his death I’m still trying to understand what a world with Steve Jobs will be like. More importantly, what a post Steve Jobs America will be like.

For me personally, I think Steve Jobs is the last great American genius. Sure there have been many dot com wonderkin but there has not been another so massively creative, a more powerful, driving force of innovation since Steve Jobs. Sorry Dean Kamen!

Many saw Steve as an arrogant megalomanic, driven to succeed at all costs and for some time I shared this view. But in the early years of the previous decade I realized that my road ahead is much shorter than the road I have left to travel and I started to gain a better understanding of what Steve Jobs meant when he spoke about what the real driving force was behind his genius. Death.

Steve blazed more new trails then most of his peers combined. Steve pursued excellence and execution with a determination unseen in the modern world. With Apple’s “amazing success” over the last few years many might think that Steve was driven by the money but I do not believe that a greatness like Steve’s succeeds only for the money. Steve’s past failures and tough times would have ended anyone else’s climb to the top.

And here is where I think most people get it wrong. You see, Steve wasn’t climbing. Steve was exploring. Sometimes on the trail most time off. But I never got the sense that Steve was ever climbing. And that’s what separates Steve from all his counterparts. Steve went where is heart and his vision lead him. Steve NEVER followed, never faltered in his conviction to his dreams and vision. Steve’s drive, Steve’s passion, Steve vision is exactly what America needs the most today to get back on the road to recovery and prosperity.

For me, looking back I now realize that people of my age had a rare opportunity to watch the growth and maturation of real and genuine American genius. For the last three decades I have been a graphic designer, creative thinker and a basement dreamer and what I admire the most about Steve Jobs was that he was able to stick to his dream, his vision with such unbelievable tenacity and courage even when entire markets were against him. Steve always continued stepping boldly forward, always confident in his vision. Eternally waiting for the world to catch up to his genius.

Today, regrettably the world has finally caught up with Steve’s genius. The last great American genius.

Fairwell Steve.


Written by mattliving

October 6, 2011 at 9:34 am

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