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What most people fail to recognize is ACTA came into being as a response to counterfeit products like toxic toothpaste, etc. that contained dangerous and possibly fatal compounds.

Big content realized, or their lobbyists most likely realized, that if they could get their “products” included in this treaty they could avoid most democratic legislatures because “trade” treaties like ACTA are not often required to be presented to their legislatures or even debated in public light.

So with the hijacking of what started out as a fairly straight-forward trade treaty to protect citizens from toxic toothpaste complete they (big content) set about to pack as much protection for their business models as possible. They also sent armies of their high paid lobbyists to sponsoring countries while the “trade treaty” was being negotiated in absolute secrecy to help push through legislation to make simple copyright infringement criminal instead of civil.

Why you might ask? Because copyright infringement, in most countries, is considered a civil matter it is the responsibility, including financial, of the copyright holder to enforce and protect their copyrights. By getting countries to criminalize simple copyright infringement big content shifted the litigation and all it’s financial costs from it’s private, for-profit wallets to the public purse.

Now armed with trade treaty protection and a publicly funded army of law enforcement officers at their disposal, big content is set to extract every measure of wealth from whom ever they please.

As a Canadian, it is no mystery to me why Prime Minister Harper and his right-wing nut ball party members a have just tabled legislation that will give police new sweeping powers, including the ability to perform unwarranted surveillance WITHOUT A COURT UNDER and require ISPs to track and store citizens emails, mobile phone calls and Internet travels for up to three months so that they can have the information at their disposal to protect our children from pedophiles. (:

Like the Patriot Act in the United States, after which it is modeled, Canadians can expect an all out blitzkrieg on their privacy and pocket books by big content as they will surely begin to immediately implement their newly crafted business model of legalized extortion with very little if any real or new criminal activities being thwarted by the new surveillance machinery in place. US officials have time and time again been caught having to admit that the Patriot Act has been used many times more for law enforcement activities that DO NOT involve terrorism or anything else even close to what the Patriot Act was designed to catch. Think the same thing is NOT going to happen in Canada? Think again!

Don’t be fooled by the dogs that bark about saving our children. These are the same dogs that bark about wars to save freedom and MASSIVE public bailouts to save free markets and many of them attend Catholic churches where many a pedophile priest remains untouched by law enforcement and a Vatican that cares little about the suffering it’s clergy have and continue to inflict on our children to save the freedom of religion.

It’s time for citizens or every stripe to stand up and fight back against the corrupt forces that are trying to hijack our democracies. Be they for the sake of fighting terrorism, “public” deficits or “free” markets.

Written by mattliving

February 16, 2012 at 2:13 pm

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