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Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson has/should become a voice for a generation BRB. But they’re too busy, texting, sexting and wallowing in the empty achievements of the favourite singer on American Idiot or Who Can Dance.

Dr. Tyson’s words sent chills down my spine like the words of Kennedy. While many leaders like to quote great leaders like Ike and Kennedy very few if any have acting like them. Obama I’m talking DIRECTLY to you. Harper, forget it… he’s about as uplifting as a shovel of mud.

At a time when government around the globe are spending TRILLION$ of OUR TAX DOLLARS on wars, corporate socialism and bailing out banks and financial institutions that gambled, broke the law and lost big they are condemning the next few generations to a miserable, debt-fueled existence. And by that Dr. Tyson is right, we may have well crawl back into the cave.

The sad reality is there is ENOUGH money. There always has been. It’s just that the rich and the powerful continue to hold our democracies and freedoms hostage.

Forget OCCUPY. Dr. Tyson arguments can not be refuted by any of the big spending, industrial-military loving, right-wing nut jobs out there. Americasn/Canadians today are still borrowing on the dreams of their fore fathers but this time the journey leads right back to the cave.


Written by mattliving

March 10, 2012 at 12:08 pm

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