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Global Banking System A Massive Scam

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“Wallstreet is a high crime area, we need to send the cops in, but no one wants to do that.
The whole business model is corrupt to its core.”

– Dennis Kelleher (former Wall Street Lawyer)

If regulators (governments) don’t act on this then they are, as many suspected, part of this global scam. Why is it that after TRILLION$ of public money has been pumped into these banks the only ones recovering are the VERY BANKS that caused the global financial collapse in the first place. In Iceland they are putting these bankers on trial and throwing them in jail. In North America, we’re letting them give themselves MASSIVE bonuses while filling the pockets of corrupt politicians to turn a blind eye to their MASSIVE and ongoing FRAUD SCHEME.


Written by mattliving

July 6, 2012 at 8:44 am

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