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The New Age of Intolerance

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Actor/Comedian Rowan Atkinson recently spoke out in favour of the repeal of Section 5 of the Public Order Act that allows the UK police and the courts can decide if you or someone else might feel insulted.

As the United Nations and governments around the world work to enact legislation that they believe protects people from hateful words and bullying it has evolved into, as Rowan Atkinson says, “a new but intense desire to gag uncomfortable voices of dissent.

We must be mindful that we do not create an environment that doesn’t restrict or eliminate free speech.

Free speech can only suffer if the law prevents us from dealing with it’s consequences.
~ Rowan Atkinson

The timing of this could not be better as back bench members of the Conservative government in Canada have decided to use the suicide of a youth girl who was cyber-bullied as a launching pad to allow the government to enact legislation that can undoubtedly take us further down the path to authoritarian control.

Snicker and sput all you want. A lot has changed in the free world since 9/11 and much of that change has little to do with keeping you and I safe. In fact, this machinery of an apparent safety net has become a veil of citizen surveillance unseen since the time of the Third Reich in Germany where the Nazi government used census returns and long distance phone records, among other information gathering techniques, to find out who was Jewish.

The Conservative government of Canada has tried to table legislation, in the name of Canadian security, they called “Lawful Access’ which would allow the government WARRANT-LESS access to Canadian’s Internet activities such as email, web surfing (including online banking activity, etc.), VOIP – Internet telephone conversations. As the video below explains this and similar legislation around the world has NOTHING to do with your security and everything to do with government control of what is now a FREE and OPEN INTERNET.

I offer Rowan Atkinson’s three points he made during his speech in support of the repeal of Section 5 of of the Public Order Act in the United kingdom:

  • we all have to take responsibility for what we say
  • how appallingly prickly and intolerant society has become over the most mildly adverse comments
  • the law should not aid and abet this new intolerance

As free society’s we must act with the utmost caution when we allow governments propose legislation that limits ANYONE’S free speech for what ever the reason because once government’s have that foothold, the expansion and abuse of that power is inevitable.


Written by mattliving

October 21, 2012 at 11:12 am

Posted in Free Speech

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