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F.B.I. Created More Terrorists Then They Caught.

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Written by mattliving

September 14, 2015 at 2:06 pm

The Long, Slow Death of a Hijacked Democracy

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From it’s flash point beginnings on September 11, 2011, the attack on the American people that took place over a decade ago continues it’s forward assault on the democracy a ways it’s leader Osama Bin Laden could only have dreamed of.

As most Americans mourn and remember those lost that beautiful day in September, many deep within the industrial, military complex and global dark ops organizations and corporations celebrate 9-11 as their birthday.

Trading Freedom

Since that fateful day in September, the American and indeed most western democracies have spent TRILLION$ of public funds on questionable efforts to fortify our threatened democracies. Expanded surveillance both external but also a greatly expanded internal surveillance programs have become all too commonplace. Citizens are regularly subjected to public gropings and massive doses of x-rays in exchange for their safety. While global leaders meet regularly to ensure everyone is on the same security and economic page.

But this massive push for security doesn’t end at America’s borders. Recently the Canadian government tabled legislation, aptly named, Lawful Access, that would allow the government to “nominate” individuals to spy on Canadians Internet traffic, email, VOIP calls at anytime, WITHOUT A WARRANT! And this type of legislation is being pushed onto American trading partners as a precondition to trade.

Just a small review of what the American people have gained since the first attack on their republic took place:

And these programs continue to sponsor some of the most vile activities started under George W. Bush and continued and strengthened under Barack Obama:

  • Warrant-less Domestic Spying
  • Indefinite Detention (including American and Canadian citizens)
  • Torture
  • Guantanamo Bay
  • and more…

Trading Terror

The assault on the western democracies continues with the hijacking of international trade negotiations by large multinational corporate interests, who along with their massive lobbying efforts and equally massive wallets have corrupted the legitimate process of trade negotiations into a way to use public funds against taxpayers to protect and entrench their business models.

These negotiations were and/or are being held in private. Well out of sight of the citizens their participants are sworn to represent. The privacy as we have come to learn is necessary because of the vast number of corporate interests at the table and their purportedly valuable business information that can apparently be shared with government officials but their customers.

The REAL Reality

The reality is these corporations want legislative and physical access to the very same domestic surveillance systems created to protect taxpayers from terrorist acts to use as an extension of their businesses to further maintain their bottom lines. Sure they claims that millions of jobs are at stake and that whole industries will be wiped of the face of the earth if governments don’t criminalize sharing and force telecommunication companies to police the marketplace for “possible” violations of their intellectual property. And the sad reality is that many governments around the world have been convinced with trillions of U.S. BAILOUT dollars to hand over their reigns of  public policing to private interests.

They’re only trade agreements you say. True, but many if not ALL of the participants in these so-called trade agreement have NO legal requirement to bring these trade agreements before their respective legislative houses or people for open and public review. And that’s exactly why they have been hijacked by  global corporations. That’s why we’re seeing an unprecedented growth and acceleration in “global” trade talks.

Once the secret trade agreements are complete, legislators must now enact laws that support these secret agreements, regardless of their current laws and in recent examples with the top secret Trans-Pacific Trade negotiations have had to agree to previously agreed to portions of the overall agreement just to get a seat at the table. As was the case with the Canadian government. It doesn’t matter that some, possibly the majority of the items previously agreed to may not fit with Canada’s current laws or constitutional guarantees. Inclusion into the negotiations requires participants to agree to change their laws and/or constitutional guarantees to align with whatever has been agreed to in the trade deal.

The Price of the Great Slumber

Our world has changed a great deal since 9-11. Some for the better, much of the worse. While small governments around the world try to dig themselves out from underneath the massive, mountains of debt much of which they accumulated compliments of large US financial institutions. We are being witness too the largest transfer of public funds to private wealth never before seen in human history and a great deal of this wealth is being used to further corrupt of public institutions and governance systems turning them into extensions or branch offices for many of the corporations and financial institutions that have wreaked havoc on our global economy and domestic social programs.

If 9-11 was a wake up call it’s time for citizens of the world to shake of the slumber of manufactured safety and begin the long and painful process of regaining control of our governments, democracies and self-destinies. Sure it’s not going to be as easy as hiding behind your Facebook page or reality television show but the price of not waking up with be higher than any generation has paid since our grandparents fought and died for many of the freedoms and constitutional guarantees we are so quick to give up in exchange for cheap Chinese electronics, highly enriched fructose and glucose processed food, 500 satellite channels and a false sense of very expensive, droned, security in our hijacked democracies.


Written by mattliving

September 11, 2012 at 9:28 am

The First Decade of Fear

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Get Smart North America!

UPDATE: Prime Minister Stephen Harper claims that “Islamicism” (yes I know, don’t bother to look it up, it doesn’t exist – just another made up word designed to reinforce the middle-east-ness of the supposed threat) poses the greatest security threat to Canada and for declaring that his government will give police broad new anti-terrorism powers that were stripped from them four years ago.

Two items in the legislation should cause great concern for Canadians. Police were given new powers to arrest and detain people suspected of planning a terrorist attack. Under this change, they could keep people in jail for up to three days without having to lay a charge. As well, people suspected of having information about terrorist activity could be compelled to testify before a judge at a secret hearing.

Now mix this insanely undemocratic legislation with Harper’s proposed “Lawfull Access” legislation and you’ve set the stage for potential abuses on the scale the free world has not seen since similar powers were created in the US under the Patriot Act to make their country more secure from terrorism.  And how’s that going south of the border? Well to date the numbers should be setting off alarm bells.

To date the Patriot Act has been used 1,618 times for drugs, 122 times for fraud,
only 15 times for terrorism.

= = = = = =

As the tenth anniversary of 9/11 approaches I have been struck by the tenacity of American politicians and media seem to relish the idea of picking the scab of their 9/11 wounds for no apparent reason other than to further their relentless intrusion into the lives of their own citizens. Moreover I’m amazed at how passively and quickly, once staunchly independent Americans have given up that independence to top secret government agencies, many of which are so secret that elected officials do not know exactly what they do and how much they spend.

I watched PBS’ Frontline last night learning that virtually ALL top secret surveillance operations being conducted by the American government on it’s own people have continued unabated and even increased under President Obama and I called how vehemently Senator Obama spoke out against such operations while on the campaigning for the office he now holds.

The United States has spent TRILLIONS of dollars they do not have creating and maintaining a massive global surveillance operation even in the face of economic collapse, the current American administration continues to spend BILLIONS at home and abroad. In the meantime, both parties have tried to sell the idea that tax increases would harm an already slowing economy. An economy that has seen TRILLIONS of dollars pumped into it in desperate efforts to revive an economy gutted by decades of insane tax breaks and the off shoring of manufacturing to cheap third world countries and of course China.

Now a decade after America was shocked in the eye by one of the many terrorist organizations their own foreign policy helped to create. Many politicians and industrial military complex lobbyists continue to insist that the previous decade’s spending orgy on top secret surveillance and global military operations can and should continue full steam ahead. No one wants to be the one to slow or stop this spending for fear of being blamed should the United States face another attack similar to 9/11.

Problem is, Americans are giving up over 100 years of social progress for a false sense of security. Moreover, they are giving away hard fought civil liberties and freedoms because scab picking politicians refuse to let 9/11 go for fear that Americans will lose the fear that clouds their vision of the future and come face to face with the cold stark reality that the very country they thought they were protecting has been stolen out from under their feet.

Liberties, freedoms and a generation’s wealth, stolen by a political system corrupt to it’s very core by the power and money of over-sized, too big to fail corporations that continue to hold the very economic weapons of mass destruction that caused the last world-wide economic crisis to the heads of politicians to scared or bought to use their constitutional powers to limit the effect of corporations on the people’s republic they all claim to be protecting.

I believe that a decade of fear is enough. I believe that if the western world would reach out with with anything other than bombs and guns we would greatly diminish the “threats” that continue to drive this insane top secret arms race that is rapidly destroying the very fabric of America. I believe that if the western democracies do not stand up like the citizens of the Middle East and Europe to demand an immediate halt to empire building, military driven foreign policy and corporate welfare we will spend a lot more than the next decade under the thumbs of the very menace that we think we’re fighting abroad. Right here at home.

Prime Minister Harper has made it very clear that a major objective of the fall sitting of parliament is to pass an omnibus legislative package that includes the so-called “Lawful Access” bill that is anything but. This god-awful piece of draconian legislation is modeled very closely after many of the components of the United States spook laws and worst of all there will be little IF ANY court oversight. Meanwhile politicians, ministers and ISP employees will have unfettered access to your most private information, Internet travels and electronic communications.

Be on the watch Canada. This legislation is being sold as “the” way to stop child pornographers and shift out terrorists from their electronic hiding places. But it is all about giving up a century of civil liberties and freedoms too many generations of our forefathers and mothers gave their lives to protect.

Go forth Canada and defend the freedoms and civil liberties if not for yourself for your children and their children.

Written by mattliving

September 7, 2011 at 9:59 am

MSNBC’s Dylan Ratigan Cuts Through The 9/11 Bullshit

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Written by mattliving

October 23, 2010 at 8:03 am

Robert Kennedy Knew Today Would Come

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Written by mattliving

October 21, 2009 at 5:39 pm

PBS Documentary Says N.S.A. Could Have Prevented 9/11

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nsaRawstory: The super-secretive National Security Agency has been quietly monitoring, decrypting, and interpreting foreign communications for decades, starting long before it came under criticism as a result of recent revelations about the Bush administration’s warrantless wiretapping program. Now a forthcoming PBS documentary asks whether the NSA could have prevented 9/11 if it had been more willing to share its data with other agencies.

Author James Bamford looked into the performance of the NSA in his 2008 book, The Shadow Factory, and found that it had been closely monitoring the 9/11 hijackers as they moved freely around the United States and communicated with Osama bin Laden’s operations center in Yemen. The NSA had even tapped bin Laden’s satellite phone, starting in 1996.

“The NSA never alerted any other agency that the terrorists were in the United States and moving across the country towards Washington,” Bamford told PBS.

PBS also found that “the 9/11 Commission never looked closely into NSA’s role in the broad intelligence breakdown behind the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks. If they had, they would have understood the full extent to which the agency had major pieces of the puzzle but never put them together or disclosed their entire body of knowledge to the CIA and the FBI.”

bspcommentIt seems nearly impossible for an acgency tasked with National Security to fail on the order of magnitude that the N.S.A. did if not to fail on purpose.

Written by mattliving

January 27, 2009 at 7:49 pm

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