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The U.S Created ISIS and Saudia Arabia Funds Them.

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As Professor Chomsky explains the real problem in the Middle East is Saudia Arabia. They are the MOST extreme of all Islamic states and fund and promote extreme Muslim activities. But the U.S. can easily overlook these “short comings” so long as OIL continues to flow!

Written by mattliving

October 6, 2014 at 9:13 am

Obama Continues to Support Tyranny with Lies and U.S. Munitions

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“This isn’t a choice between the government and the people of Egypt,” Gibbs said. “This is not about taking sides.– White House spokesman Robert Gibbs

Written by mattliving

January 29, 2011 at 9:52 am

Obama Calls For Indefinite Preventive Detention Without Trial

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Salon.com: Only a Constitutional lawyer would have to balls to suggest that his proposed “Indefinite Preventive Detention Without Trial” is even remotely constitutional no matter how he and Congress plan to word it.

And don’t be fooled by this silly notion that it’s only for the GITMO terrorists. The US Patriot Act and other terrorist act prompted legislationhas put thousands of “regular” Americans behind bars for the very same nebulous threats that President Obama is claiming to be acting on.

Legislation like:

If passed this legislation will make it possible for ANY law enforcement agency and/or offiicial to claim you are a significant “future” threat and hold you without cause or charge indefinitely.

That doesn’t sound like a properly functioning democracy to me! And it sure as hell doesn’t sound like the HOPE and CHANGE Mr. Obama promised for nearly two years leading up to his election win.

Written by mattliving

May 22, 2009 at 2:05 pm

Saudis Resort To Economic Terrorism To Save Oil? (:

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Switching too early to “slowly evolving” alternative fuels risks lowering levels of investment in fossil fuels and increasing market speculation on oil prices, [the Oil Minister] said. “The consequences can be deeply counter-productive to global energy security.”

TreeHugger: Saudi Arabia, the world’s biggest oil exporting country, has just issued a warning against a “premature shift” to renewable energy. In related news, bottled water companies have issued a warning against a “premature shift” to tap water, and tobacco companies have warned against a “premature shift” to quitting smoking. Seriously, though-Saudi Arabia’s Oil Minister gave a speech at the Energy Pact Conference saying that oil, natural gas, and coal must remain the energy “workhorses” for many decades to come-and that investing in alternative energy too early could lower levels of investment in fossil fuels and ruin the global energy economy.

The Shock Doctrine and various forms of economic and employment terrorism are getting awful tiresome don’t you think?

Seems every few weeks another dying or broken business model and it’s bloats, festering lobby bob up in the swamp and expel the gases of fear and apocalyptic vision of life without them.

ENOUGH already! We’re moving on so sit down and STFU unless you want to contribute something meaningful to the discussion besides the five horseman!

Written by mattliving

March 17, 2009 at 7:39 am

Chrysler Reduced to Employment Terrorism in Canada.

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cryslerplugToronto Star: The head of Chrysler issued a grim threat to federal politicians last night, warning the struggling automaker may shut down its plants in Canada if it doesn’t get significant labour concessions and government aid.

“Chrysler LLC cannot afford to manufacture products in a jurisdiction that is uncompetitive, relative to other jurisdictions,” president Tom LaSorda told a parliamentary committee.

Chrysler’s labour costs in Canada are about $20 an hour more than the costs of automakers like Toyota and Honda, LaSorda told the committee.

bspcommentAm I the only one who want to tell this company to take a flying leap!? Yes I understand that there are going to be a lot of people out of work but these companies will NOT ever become or remain viable until they are forced to reorganize. Government around the world have been too quick to adopt this “we’re too big to fail” bullshit and now they’re are caught in a ever-widening whirlpool of bailout requests. Each one getting bigger and even more expensive.

Let these free-market fools suffer the consequences of their free-market pillaging. Declare bankruptcy and reorganize. Then the government will help.

Threats like Crysler’s are nothing more than economic or employment terrorism. This appears to the future of “free markets”. They remain “free” of government oversight until they’re run into the gorund. Then governments are “free” to pump TRILLIONS of PUBLIC money into them until they become “free” again.

Written by mattliving

March 12, 2009 at 7:37 am