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Do Not Feed The Executives!

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Because there is no disaster which immediate, decisive, wrong action cannot make worse.

Written by mattliving

August 22, 2009 at 2:07 pm

Peter Schiff Explains The Next Great US Economic Disaster

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While big corporate owned media outlets are trumpeting the end of the recession Americans are once again borrowing money they can not pay back to purchase goods they don’t need to feed the next big debt sponsored bubble. Good night and good luck!

Written by mattliving

August 2, 2009 at 3:02 pm

Five Firms Hold 80% of Derivatives Risk. We’ve ALL Been Warned.

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CFO: Members of Congress probing threats to the global financial system — especially the threat of concentration of risk — will have a lot to ponder in newly mandated disclosures highlighted by a Fitch Ratings report issued this week. While derivatives use among U.S. companies is widespread, an “overwhelming majority of the exposure is concentrated among financial institutions,” according to the rating agency’s review of first-quarter financials.

Concentrated, in fact, among a mere handful of financial-services giants. About 80% of the derivative assets and liabilities carried on the balance sheets of 100 companies reviewed by Fitch were held by five banks: JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, Citigroup, and Morgan Stanley. Those five banks also account for more than 96% of the companies’ exposure to credit derivatives.

bspcommentAs much as politicians and market witch doctors want to make you believe their ponzi, bailout scheme is going to work. The worst is yet to come. Prepare for a very cold winter.

Written by mattliving

July 26, 2009 at 3:56 pm

A Clear Historical Comparison of The Ongoing US Bailout. Good Luck…

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USbailoutChartComparison* In Inflation Adjusted dollars

Written by mattliving

June 19, 2009 at 9:05 am

Don’t Trust Bank Earnings Reports. They’re A Sham. William Black

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Professor William Black is asked about U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner. He responds:

Geithner has a record of being a failure at every step of his career. Most recently, he was president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, which, of course, is supposed to regulate the largest bank holding companies in the United States.

Well, you can see how well he did. He didn’t take a single effective action against this coming subprime crisis. He didn’t even warn about it.

When he was asked about this in Congress, he said, ‘I’ve never been a regulator.’ Well, his job description was to be a regulator. I grant you, he never regulated, but that’s not the same thing.”

William K. Black is a law and economics professor at the University of Missouri and a former U.S. bank regulator.

In the video, Black also cautions investors not to trust bank earnings and believes the new accounting rules and stress test are a complete “sham.”

Written by mattliving

May 13, 2009 at 10:41 am

Let Canadian Broadcasting Evolve Without Legislative Support.

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Globe and Mail: Here we go again. Another business model that has failed to adapt to the rapidly changing times has stumbled before the Canadian Radio and Television Commission (CRTC) to “plead” it’s case for additional fees.

What CTV, Global and Rogers are essentially asking is for the CRTC to allow them to convert conventional television supported by advertising into speciality channels that are supported by mandated fees. Only they’ll still be overflowing with ads and the same bullshit time shifting and US broadcasting restrictions will be in place. Doesn’t sound so special to me!

Economic Weapons of Mass Destruction

Since the great economic crisis of 2008, governments around the world have seemed all too willing to step in to prop up private sector businesses for a variety of oddly similar reasons. Like “too big to fail”, “vital to our economic future”, you know, you’ve heard too many of them.

In fact they all seem to ring of the special note of dread. Almost the same kind of dread most North Americans felt when “W” and company were trompin’ around the globe screaming about weapons of mass destruction. Only this time the weapons are economic weapons of mass destruction not nuclear.

The Canadian television networks have used a similar tactic the last round of CRTC hearings. First closing a few marginal local television stations with as much fanfare as they can must. Then claiming extraordinary loses will continue to force them to “reevaluate” their local operations. Another claim of economic weapons of mass destruction? Allow us to charge fees or we’ll keep closing local stations.

This is an all but too familiar tactic by Canadian broadcasters, who like Canadian movies makers have spent too much time of the tit of Canadian tax payers under the false premise of cultivating and protecting Canadian culture. A quick spin through the dial clearly shows the true level of commitment to culture they are referring to. Trust me, if you think Kenny and Spenny and Tom Green are worth the millions of tax dollars these production companies get then I’ve got some wonderful vacation property in Florida to show you.

An End to FREE Markets

Now we have arrived the special time when their much vaulted FREE markets are not operating entirely in the favour of those who normally dominate them. Namely, Canadian broadcasters are suffering from innovation. User innovation, market innovation both here in Canada and south of the 49th. And their first and foremost response is to threaten the livelihoods of Canadians then to claim they can not survive without more government funding in the form of legislated user fees.

Canadian broadcasters like many telecommunication businesses have become very adept at getting legislative relief for their FREE market problems. You see, when their FREE market is working almost entirely in their favour they go almost batshit insane when consumer groups or politic ans so much as hint at the suggestion of ground-leveling regulations. But when they can no longer maintain their privileged position in their carefully constructed FREE Market they turn and run to government regulators for legislative relief. Quickly abandoning their FREE market principles for more government sanctioned user fees rather then attempt to innovate or change their business models beyond juggling a few lines on the Excel spreadsheets.

Enough With The Legislative Bailouts!

If Canadian broadcasters can no longer compete in the current market then they should sell their operations to someone who is willing to innovate and evolve with changing market and business model or they themselves should get their collective thumbs out of their asses and start responding to the rapidly changing marketplace with innovation and evolution and NOT with government sanctioned user fees that amount to a legislative bailout.

What happened to that time honoured FREE Market principals of sink or swim, competition and innovation? Seems to me that if Canadian regulators were to allow more competition in Canada’s telecommunications market we would surely see A LOT MORE rapid and innovative responses to marketplace changes. As it is now, there is absolutely no requirement for fat and lazy broadcasters to compete with one another when they know thay can show up at the next round of CRTC hearings waving their economic weapons of mass destruction and flags of culture to again fill their corporate cups on the backs of Canadian taxpayers.

Perhaps Canadian broadcasters might be wise to shed some of their other money losing media holdings before they plead poverty to the Canadian taxpayer? (:

Written by mattliving

April 28, 2009 at 8:11 am

Paul Krugman, Professor, Columnist, and Nobel Prize Winner, One of the Few Who Saw This Financial Mess Coming!

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The Shortcomings of the Stimulus Plan: Featuring Paul Krugman, Professor, Columnist, and Nobel Prize Winner. Get his take on the Obama stimulus plan and who might be to blame for the economic crisis — and learn what a “Krugman Plan” would look like.
From the Harvard Business Publishing

Written by mattliving

April 16, 2009 at 10:13 pm