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ULTra Transportation System

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Written by mattliving

August 20, 2009 at 12:17 pm

Peter Schiff Explains The Next Great US Economic Disaster

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While big corporate owned media outlets are trumpeting the end of the recession Americans are once again borrowing money they can not pay back to purchase goods they don’t need to feed the next big debt sponsored bubble. Good night and good luck!

Written by mattliving

August 2, 2009 at 3:02 pm

Funny. Sad. True.

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Written by mattliving

May 15, 2009 at 11:40 am

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GM/Chrysler Get BILLION$. Workers MUST Give Up A Living Wage.

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Globe and Mail: Canadian workers at the two crippled Detroit-based auto makers must agree to slash wages and benefits by as much as $19 an hour to prevent their employers from filing for bankruptcy protection, Industry Minister Tony Clement says.

In an interview Wednesday, Mr. Clement said Fiat SpA has committed to follow through with Canadian investment promised by Chrysler LLC, if the ailing car maker can slash its labour costs and can conclude a strategic alliance with the Italian car company.

But the minister said the Canadian Auto Workers union will have to reach new deals at both Chrysler and General Motors of Canada Ltd. before the government will provide long-term loans to keep the companies afloat.

bspcomment Why is it that government’s ability to innovate reasonable solutions seems to end at the hourly worker?

How is it that banks, investment firms and insurance companies can get swift unquestioned action worth 100’s of BILLION$ but when it comes to making it work on the shop floor it always comes down to the hourly worker? Or more importantly what the hourly worker must give up in order to stay employed?

If this last financial implosion has taught us anything it is that our governments have failed us beyond measure.

Of course any sane individual knew it was only a matter of time before this lop-sided mule fell over but the unfortunate reality is that governments including Mr. Clement’s on again off again government allowed these companies to grow so massive and have become so deeply embeded in our economy that they have become economic weapons of mass destruction.

Surely it must be clear to every single taxpayer in North America that our governments have selected which side of the equation they favour and are willing to through their citizens into working poverty without so much as taking back one single executive airplane.

Where are the HUGE and MASSIVE concessions in the executive offices across North America? Hell, most if not all of the individuals who contributed to this mess have been hand picked by world leaders to “fix” their own problem. Man, when they say “fix” they aren’t kidding. The fix has been in since they pulled their economic weapons of mass destruction out and pointed them at the head’s of our glorious leaders nearly six months ago.

If these companies are NOT viable paying their workers a reasonable wage then there is no real point to pumping BILLION$ into them and keeping them on life support while we wait for the world governments to suck up all the toxic debt these companies created only to start this march of stupidity all over again. If so, I’ll see you in a decade. Same place, three times the price!

This bailout madness has got to stop. It’s time for governments, executives, workers and citizens alike to take it EQUALLY on the chin and let these companies fail and reorganize into smaller, stronger on more nimble operations. Simply pumping BILLION$ of litres of blood into a corpse hoping it’s going to get up and run let alone walk is foolishness in the extreme.

Written by mattliving

April 16, 2009 at 8:10 am

Ontario’s Electric Car Requirements Make Pilot Project Virtually Useless. Who’s NOT Surprised.

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shoveitgreenCBC.ca: It looks as if low-speed electric vehicles will not make it onto Ontario’s roads.

The Ministry of Transportation has finalized its safety rules for a pilot project that would have allowed electric cars on the road, but the companies that make the cars say those regulations are too strict.

Torontonian Aaron Binder was looking forward to the arrival of the electric car. He’s a big believer in electric vehicles – and gets around the city on a Segway. He was encouraged when he heard the province had unveiled a pilot project to allow low-speed electric vehicles on the public streets, “so we could be like B.C., or even Alberta.”

But then came the fine print.

The ministry’s regulations for low-speed electric cars means adding safety features that are not demanded by Ottawa.

The rules in Ontario are even stricter than U.S. and European standards for the same class of vehicle.

Catherine Scrimgeor of Toronto-based ZENN Motors, the maker of an electric vehicle, says for her company it’s the final straw.

“The ZENN [electric car] as it exists right now – the ZENN car that we sell in Quebec and the United States – will not be marketed in Ontario,” she said.

Al Cormier is with Electric Mobility Canada, a group of electric vehicle manufacturers consulted by the province. He says the new rules reflect concerns about the safety when slow electric cars are added to the traffic mix.

“Ontario was trying to address that concern by having additional requirements. But these additions don’t make the project viable for [existing electric cars],” he said.

Cormier says he’ll be surprised if any electric car manufacturer will ever qualify for the province’s low-speed vehicle pilot project.

Electric car fans like Binder say they will have to wait until the full-speed models hit the streets.

bspcommentEnough is enough. Is there any god damn excuse that any level of government hasn’t already pulled out of their ass to try and keep this car from getting a fair shake on the roads of Ontario?

Thanks Dalton for blowing smoke up the asses of Ontario tax payers with your constant green washing about Ontario’s commitment to alternative energy and more importantly electric cars.

Once again ZENN Canada gets kicked in the teeth while Detroit gets BILLION$ on OUR tax dollars to play checkup. Looks rather anti-competitive to me sir!

First, it’s NOT about speed. Of course if you actually drove in some of Ontario’s underfunded cities you’d realize that the only thing going fast is our tax dollars on potholes and broken water mains that your government stopped funding years ago!

Second. It’s not about safety. If safety were truly the issue then why would YOUR GOVERNMENT allow motorcycles and more importantly electric bikes and scooters that go no faster than the ZENN and are a LOT LESS safe.

Funny your government sure doesn’t seem to give a rat’s backside about our safety when you allow massive Hummers and four wheel drive vehicles that have bumper heights at or near the height of average mid-sized cars. But somehow we’re safer when contractors to drive MASSIVE front end loaders and other non-street legal equipment around city streets without a slow moving vehicle sign or license plate!

So why not cut the green washing BS and let Ontarians decide which type of automobile they would like to drive and invest in.

Enough is enough. Let me drive a ZENN in Ontario.

This is absolutely criminal. Here is a provincial government that has poured BILLION$ of our tax dollars into those dinosaurs from Detroit yet we’re supposed to believe that they are going to give small companies like ZENN a fair shake at Ontario’s car market. BULLSHIT!

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Written by mattliving

April 15, 2009 at 11:22 pm

Time to Pull the Plug On GM! Burns $6.2 BILLION in 3 Months.

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gmchrsylerdrainMyNews: General Motors Corp. posted a $9.6 billion fourth-quarter loss and said it burned through $6.2 billion of cash in the last three months of 2008 as it fought the worst U.S. auto sales climate since 1982 and sought government loans to keep the century-old company running.

The nation’s biggest domestic automaker said Thursday it lost $30.9 billion for the full year and expects an opinion from its auditors as to whether the company remains a “going concern” when its annual report is issued in March. That means the auditors will determine whether there is substantial doubt about the automaker’s ability to continue operations.

Chief Financial Officer Ray Young said the determination will depend a lot on whether GM gets further government loans and whether it can accomplish its restructuring goals.

bspcommentENOUGH! Let them fail. It is obvious to anyone who breathes air that GM like Chrysler is incapable of making the necessary changes in their business practises and management to affect the turn around required to save jobs. It’s time for the U.S. government to FORCE GM into Chapter 13 reorganization. End the BULLSHIT Now!

Written by mattliving

February 26, 2009 at 12:46 pm

Sweden Tells GM’s Saab No Bailout with Public Money!

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“Voters picked me because they wanted nursery schools, police and nurses, and not to buy loss-making car factories”. – Enterprise and Energy Minister Maud Olofsson

saabsuicideplugBBC: The board of the Swedish carmaker Saab, which is owned by General Motors, has held an extraordinary board meeting to consider its future.

Local media reports have suggested Saab was considering taking measures to seek protection from creditors.

There have been doubts about the future of Saab since the Swedish government rebuffed GM’s call for financial aid for the car maker.

GM has been looking for a buyer for Saab, and said on Wednesday “given the urgency of stemming sizeable cash demands associated with Saab operations” it would need support from the Swedish government prior to any sale.

bspcommentToo bad Canadian and American politicians don’t have the stones to say the same thing to the automakers in North America. What’s really sad is the U.S. and Canadian automakers are going to get BILLION$ of public cash and they WILL NOT be forced to reorganize which is what they would be compelled to do under Chapter 11.

Written by mattliving

February 19, 2009 at 4:27 pm

GM and Chrysler Claim They Shouldn’t Fail For National Security Reasons. I Shit You NOT!

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gmchrsylerdrainCNN/Fortune: Why should U.S. taxpayers give General Motors another $16 billion in aid? After all, just two months ago the ailing carmaker claimed the first $13 billion would do the trick.

Because, as the company’s executives argue in the recovery plan they submitted to the Treasury on February 17, letting GM fail and file for bankruptcy protection would require a stonking $100 billion or more in financing, the vast majority provided by the U.S. government. That makes its latest appeal for help look like chicken feed.

It’s the latest twist in GM’s argument against entering Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, following on from last year’s claims it would upend the U.S. economy, eliminate more than three million jobs and imperil national security.

Chrysler has adopted a similar approach, asking for another $2 billion – it’s already got or been promised $7 billion – and claiming bankruptcy would cost up to $25 billion.

bspcommentHere we go with the full court press of the Shock Doctrine. GM and Chrysler have obviously run out of bad reasons why they should not be let to reorganize under under Chapter 11 and rebuilt. This is ultimately what GM and Chrysler fear. That they will be forced to reorganize.

This idea that somehow America can just print the money to bailout every large business is nuts and will ultimately cause the US dollar to collapes faster and farther than people like Peter Schiff are forecasting. Oh and Peter Schiff is the American financial analyst who started talking about the financial mess the world is in now back in 2002!

Written by mattliving

February 18, 2009 at 10:02 pm

Global Car-sumption Problem

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Top left: Nissan has announced plans to cut its Sunderland workforce by 1,200. Thousands of unsold cars are stored around the factory’s test track
Top Right: Imported cars stored at Sheerness open storage area awaiting delivery to dealers
Bottom Left: New cars jam the dockside in the port of Valencia in Spain
Bottom Right: Newly imported cars fill the 150-acre site at the Toyota distribution centre in Long Beach , California

Written by mattliving

February 18, 2009 at 1:35 pm

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CityZENN Power Source Patent Granted

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TreeHugger: December 16th EEStor was granted a US patent for their EESU. The patent is a highly information-rich document that give a remarkable insight into these potential devices. EEStor notes “the present invention provides a unique lightweight electric-energy storage unit that has the capability to store ultrahigh amounts of energy”.

The core ingredient is an aluminum coated barium titanate powder immersed in a polyethylene terephthalate plastic matrix. The EESU is composed of 31,353 of these components arranged in parallel. It is said to have a total capacitance of 30.693 F and can hold 52.220 kWh of energy. The device is said to have a weight of 281.56 pound including the box and all hardware. Unlike lithium-ion cells, the technology is said not to degrade with cycling and thus has a functionally unlimited lifetime.

The Tesla Roadster’s li-ion battery pack holds around 53kwh, but to prolong battery life, a certain portion of the battery is never completely discharged. This would mean that functionally, more power would be available.

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December 23, 2008 at 4:11 am

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