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MPAA/RIAA Astound With Their Galactic-Sized Stupidity.

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dvdsBefore the MPAA/RIAA made their first public roars about The Pirate Bay (TPB) they had a few thousand members. After that fateful roar and subsequent public taunts the TPB now has over 2 million members!

Now before the lawyers start feverishly playing with themselves. That number may sound like a lot but the reality is that even the most popular “copies” on site like TPB may get 20,000 seeds and half that number leechers (people that are not uploading or seeding their copies of the content).

What does that mean. Well, doing any sort of reality based math means that perhaps 30 or 40 thousand people around the entire world might be downloading content. And these numbers DO NOT hold for very long. Most popular seeds quickly fad from the top.

So, we are somehow supposed to believe that 60,000 or so content poachers are somehow making a dent in Hollywood’s 453 million per quarter DVD sales. 0.013% of the total DVDs sold in just three months! Of course that doesn’t include the millions of legal downloads from vendors like NetFlix and iTune.

Home-video sales and rentals, mostly reflecting DVDs, accounted for 68 percent of the $88.9 billion global filmed- entertainment market in 2008, according to estimates by New York-based PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP. The figures include $3.89 billion in online rental fees and digital streaming revenue.

So why do the MPAA and RIAA persist? Currently in North America copyright violation is, as it should be, a civil matter. Which means that if MPAA and RIAA members want to protect their “valuable” copyright THEY – THEMSELVES have to engage those who they feel have violated their copyright in CIVIL court. That takes time and more importantly money.

But if the MPAA and RIAA are successful in criminalizing copyright violation than that means your TAX DOLLARS are going to be used by law enforcement to track down and prosecute a total potential lose of 0.013% worth of revenue. Of course that assumes these people would have purchased the content in the first place. That’s tax dollars that could and should be used for health care, education and social programs.

And that is the single biggest reason why the MPAA and RIAA continue to demonize sharing and use Shock Doctrine tacks to try and convince legislators around the world that file sharing is contributing to the entertainment’s perceived loses due largely to their own failure to respond to a changing market rather than the market finding alternative methods of consumption.

Written by mattliving

February 16, 2009 at 11:55 am