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Creating The Network The World Needs – Lawrence Lessig

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This video is the subject of a DMCA take down notice issued to Dr. Lessig who among other things is a founder of Stanford’s Fair Use Project and a major contributor to the call for responsible and fair copyright reform.

Written by mattliving

April 30, 2009 at 12:12 pm

Norwegian Telecom Telenor Say Blocking Websites Is WRONG!

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tpb_logo_sm1 Reuters: “Asking an ISP to control and assess what Internet users can and cannot download is just as wrong as asking the post office to open and read letters and decide what should and should not be delivered,” Norwegian telecom group Telenor said in response to the entertainment industries requests to block The Pirate Bay website.

bspcomment Finally an ISP with not only the stones to tell the increasingly lazy entertainment industry to fight it’s own battles – legally and to draw the perfect analogy to what blocking websites at the ISP level is really about.

I’ll say it again. Copyright is and was always intended to protect the ORIGINAL creator of the work not corporate revenue streams. What these corporations are trying to do is to criminalize copyright infringement which is currently a CIVIL matter. Meaning it is the responsibility both financial and otherwise of the copyright holder to enforce their copyrights. They have to hire the lawyers  and take the inf ringers to court for redress.

By criminalizing copyright infringement the corporate copyright holder seemly has to “report” the alleged infringer and now publicly funded, law enforcement must now “investigate” the alleged infringement.

Hollywood and the music industry could save MILLIONS by having the taxpayers fund their copyright enforcement. That’s what is really at stake here. Hollywood and the music companies don’t give a rat’s ass about the artists and “their” -cough- original copyright. Somehow the artists lose their copyrights by simply signing a recording contract!?

Written by mattliving

March 3, 2009 at 12:49 pm