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Video Response To Lily Allen’s Recent Departure From Making “Music”

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When you’re between the devil and the deep blue see,
you need to stop worrying about pirates and adjust your sails!

Written by mattliving

September 26, 2009 at 9:54 am

The Pirate Bay Fight IS NOT About Movies, Music and TV Shows or Even Money. It’s About CONTROL!

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  • You can LEGALLY record songs on the radio and Internet for free.
  • You can LEGALLY record and watch television shows in the CANADA and US for FREE.
  • Movies are popular for about 60 days then they spend the next 10 months collecting dust on the selves at WalMart until they end up in the 2/$10 or less bin.

The recording companies and networks’ arguments for copyright do not ring true. Their fight is NOT about protecting the quality and integrity of the original works nor is it to ensure the ORIGINAL CREATOR is properly compensated because neither is the case.

It IS about control of virtually every single bit of information and entertainment. Their current argument could easily be made for news and information shows, educational shows and documentaries.

So some day down the road a big news company, oh I don’t know say Fox or CTVglobemedia decide that their news and information is SOOOO valuable that they are going to pursue every single users who “shares” snippets or links to their content. Using this ruling as a precedent they could win their argument. It would also put them out of business.

This is probably the first time in human history that the large corporations and monopolies do not have ultimate control of what is is available and when or where and to whom it’s available. Without the monopoly of distribution their business model falls to pieces .

So instead of changing their business models and competing with the marketplace they continually seek legislative means to take back control of the marketplace with things like the DMCA and the ACTA.

The bigger fight IS NOT about movies, music and television shows. It’s SIMPLY about control of THE MARKETS. ANY MARKETS. HOWEVER THOSE MARKETS MAY EVOLVE without having to COMPETE.

I have NO problem compensating the ORIGINAL creators for the works. However compensating the like of SONY and Paramount to fund their extortion racks is something entirely different.

Let’s hope the boys in Sweden finally get this discussion going in the right direction with EVERYONE involved. NOT just the privileged few.

Open Letter to President “CHANGE” Obama. RE: A.C.T.A. Talks

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Why does the Obama administration insist on not making the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement discussions public?

actatopsecretWhile most would understand that there is a modest requirement for security, it seems rather unlikely that given the broad range of private corporations and lobbyists that have been given a privileged seat at the table that the security reasons the President gives for not making the discussions public seems weak at best and at the worst contravene the basic tenets of the Freedom of Information Act.

As a Canadian and a graphic designer who creates and manages creative projects I have a better understanding of the issues facing copyright and the need to reform legislation to meet the needs of the 21st century. The reform however should NOT be taking place behind closed doors and without the FULL participation of public stakeholders.

I believe like most that the issues of counterfeiting with respect to products and goods we consume and use is a very serious matter. But its a matter separate from the issue of copyright. The two issues are mutually exclusive and should be addresses by separate legislative initiatives.

I strong urge the President elected solely on the platform of CHANGE to abandon the PRIVATE A.C.T.A. talks and begin a new and open process that includes public stakeholders BEFORE the “treaty” is signed.

I believe that any “treaty” that has such a massive impact on the rights and freedoms of few citizens all over the world most not be decided in secret by most of the corporations and lobbyists who’s actions have so greatly contributed to the current and deepening economic crisis the world is dealing with.

I know this email is unlikely to be seen by your eyes but I do hope with all my heart that the person reading this message has the courage and strength to, at the very least, raise the important issue of FULL public disclosure and participation in the very important issues of copyright and fair-use in the day and age of a READ/WRITE, web-driven society that is finally accessible on virtually all levels because individuals can and do share thoughts, ideas and yes media.

It’s too bad the leaders of the free world do not put as much “secret” energy into building strong and accessible social infrastructures as they seem to do to protect the so-called “intellectual property” of large multi-national corporations at a time when these corporations are allowed to grow to enormous size and more importantly influence in too many segments of our civilizations.

Take General Electric for example, given the MASSIVE extent that G.E. controls a large piece of almost every MAJOR segment of the US entertainment/content economy it’s hard to believe that the President can not see that not allowing public participation in the A.C.T.A. discussions is simply creating the same “too big to fail” scenarios for MEGA corporation like G.E. but this time the impact will be with human knowledge and access to it. It has been said that the new North American economy will be built on a knowledge economy so it should be no mystery why these global corporations and their lobbyists want so much of the A.C.T.A. to be completed in private.

  • GE Capital, GE Technology Infrastructure, GE Energy Infrastructure, GE Energy, NBC Universal, GE Consumer & Industrial
  • NBC Universal (NBC merged with non-music entertainment assets of Vivendi Universal – GE has 80% controlling share)
  • NBC – National Broadcasting Company
  • NBC Network Television stations (10)
  • NBC Entertainment
  • NBC News
  • NBC Sports
  • NBC Studios
  • NBC Universal Sports & Olympics
  • NBC Universal Television
    (Media Studios, Television Distribution, International Television)
  • NBC Universal Digital Media
  • NBC Universal Cable
  • A&E Television Networks (23 – include CNBC co-owned with The Dow Jones and MSNBC co-owned with Microsoft)
  • Significant ownership in Paramount Pictures, DreamWorks (Viacom), MGM and 20th Century Fox Film Corporation;
  • TiVo¹
  • Universal Studios (co-owned with Vivendi)
  • Universal Pictures (Focus Features, Rogue Pictures, Working Title Films)
  • Universal Studios Licensing, Universal Animation Studios, Interactive, Pictures International, Home Entertainment, Home Entertainment Productions
  • United International Pictures (co-owned with Paramount Pictures/Viacom);
  • Universal Parks & Resorts

It is equally disappointing that even as the very corporations and lobbyists that have contributed so much to our current economic crisis and the ongoing pain and hardships of MILLIONS of North Americans are only ones invited to participate in a treaty that is likely to decide who has the right to access, distribute and rework human knowledge for the next century.

I do HOPE that President CHANGE – CHANGES his mind and allow the citizens of his nation to fully and equally participate in the A.C.T.A. discussions and the crafting of this very important “treaty”.

Contact the President and demand a public and open seat the A.C.T.A. table!

Whitehouse Contact numbers:
Comments: 202-456-1111
TTY/TDD Comments: 202-456-6213

Written by mattliving

March 16, 2009 at 8:55 am

Norwegian Telecom Telenor Say Blocking Websites Is WRONG!

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tpb_logo_sm1 Reuters: “Asking an ISP to control and assess what Internet users can and cannot download is just as wrong as asking the post office to open and read letters and decide what should and should not be delivered,” Norwegian telecom group Telenor said in response to the entertainment industries requests to block The Pirate Bay website.

bspcomment Finally an ISP with not only the stones to tell the increasingly lazy entertainment industry to fight it’s own battles – legally and to draw the perfect analogy to what blocking websites at the ISP level is really about.

I’ll say it again. Copyright is and was always intended to protect the ORIGINAL creator of the work not corporate revenue streams. What these corporations are trying to do is to criminalize copyright infringement which is currently a CIVIL matter. Meaning it is the responsibility both financial and otherwise of the copyright holder to enforce their copyrights. They have to hire the lawyers  and take the inf ringers to court for redress.

By criminalizing copyright infringement the corporate copyright holder seemly has to “report” the alleged infringer and now publicly funded, law enforcement must now “investigate” the alleged infringement.

Hollywood and the music industry could save MILLIONS by having the taxpayers fund their copyright enforcement. That’s what is really at stake here. Hollywood and the music companies don’t give a rat’s ass about the artists and “their” -cough- original copyright. Somehow the artists lose their copyrights by simply signing a recording contract!?

Written by mattliving

March 3, 2009 at 12:49 pm

Remember When…

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Written by mattliving

February 28, 2009 at 12:26 am

MPAA/RIAA Astound With Their Galactic-Sized Stupidity.

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dvdsBefore the MPAA/RIAA made their first public roars about The Pirate Bay (TPB) they had a few thousand members. After that fateful roar and subsequent public taunts the TPB now has over 2 million members!

Now before the lawyers start feverishly playing with themselves. That number may sound like a lot but the reality is that even the most popular “copies” on site like TPB may get 20,000 seeds and half that number leechers (people that are not uploading or seeding their copies of the content).

What does that mean. Well, doing any sort of reality based math means that perhaps 30 or 40 thousand people around the entire world might be downloading content. And these numbers DO NOT hold for very long. Most popular seeds quickly fad from the top.

So, we are somehow supposed to believe that 60,000 or so content poachers are somehow making a dent in Hollywood’s 453 million per quarter DVD sales. 0.013% of the total DVDs sold in just three months! Of course that doesn’t include the millions of legal downloads from vendors like NetFlix and iTune.

Home-video sales and rentals, mostly reflecting DVDs, accounted for 68 percent of the $88.9 billion global filmed- entertainment market in 2008, according to estimates by New York-based PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP. The figures include $3.89 billion in online rental fees and digital streaming revenue.

So why do the MPAA and RIAA persist? Currently in North America copyright violation is, as it should be, a civil matter. Which means that if MPAA and RIAA members want to protect their “valuable” copyright THEY – THEMSELVES have to engage those who they feel have violated their copyright in CIVIL court. That takes time and more importantly money.

But if the MPAA and RIAA are successful in criminalizing copyright violation than that means your TAX DOLLARS are going to be used by law enforcement to track down and prosecute a total potential lose of 0.013% worth of revenue. Of course that assumes these people would have purchased the content in the first place. That’s tax dollars that could and should be used for health care, education and social programs.

And that is the single biggest reason why the MPAA and RIAA continue to demonize sharing and use Shock Doctrine tacks to try and convince legislators around the world that file sharing is contributing to the entertainment’s perceived loses due largely to their own failure to respond to a changing market rather than the market finding alternative methods of consumption.

Written by mattliving

February 16, 2009 at 11:55 am