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Let Canadian Broadcasting Evolve Without Legislative Support.

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Globe and Mail: Here we go again. Another business model that has failed to adapt to the rapidly changing times has stumbled before the Canadian Radio and Television Commission (CRTC) to “plead” it’s case for additional fees.

What CTV, Global and Rogers are essentially asking is for the CRTC to allow them to convert conventional television supported by advertising into speciality channels that are supported by mandated fees. Only they’ll still be overflowing with ads and the same bullshit time shifting and US broadcasting restrictions will be in place. Doesn’t sound so special to me!

Economic Weapons of Mass Destruction

Since the great economic crisis of 2008, governments around the world have seemed all too willing to step in to prop up private sector businesses for a variety of oddly similar reasons. Like “too big to fail”, “vital to our economic future”, you know, you’ve heard too many of them.

In fact they all seem to ring of the special note of dread. Almost the same kind of dread most North Americans felt when “W” and company were trompin’ around the globe screaming about weapons of mass destruction. Only this time the weapons are economic weapons of mass destruction not nuclear.

The Canadian television networks have used a similar tactic the last round of CRTC hearings. First closing a few marginal local television stations with as much fanfare as they can must. Then claiming extraordinary loses will continue to force them to “reevaluate” their local operations. Another claim of economic weapons of mass destruction? Allow us to charge fees or we’ll keep closing local stations.

This is an all but too familiar tactic by Canadian broadcasters, who like Canadian movies makers have spent too much time of the tit of Canadian tax payers under the false premise of cultivating and protecting Canadian culture. A quick spin through the dial clearly shows the true level of commitment to culture they are referring to. Trust me, if you think Kenny and Spenny and Tom Green are worth the millions of tax dollars these production companies get then I’ve got some wonderful vacation property in Florida to show you.

An End to FREE Markets

Now we have arrived the special time when their much vaulted FREE markets are not operating entirely in the favour of those who normally dominate them. Namely, Canadian broadcasters are suffering from innovation. User innovation, market innovation both here in Canada and south of the 49th. And their first and foremost response is to threaten the livelihoods of Canadians then to claim they can not survive without more government funding in the form of legislated user fees.

Canadian broadcasters like many telecommunication businesses have become very adept at getting legislative relief for their FREE market problems. You see, when their FREE market is working almost entirely in their favour they go almost batshit insane when consumer groups or politic ans so much as hint at the suggestion of ground-leveling regulations. But when they can no longer maintain their privileged position in their carefully constructed FREE Market they turn and run to government regulators for legislative relief. Quickly abandoning their FREE market principles for more government sanctioned user fees rather then attempt to innovate or change their business models beyond juggling a few lines on the Excel spreadsheets.

Enough With The Legislative Bailouts!

If Canadian broadcasters can no longer compete in the current market then they should sell their operations to someone who is willing to innovate and evolve with changing market and business model or they themselves should get their collective thumbs out of their asses and start responding to the rapidly changing marketplace with innovation and evolution and NOT with government sanctioned user fees that amount to a legislative bailout.

What happened to that time honoured FREE Market principals of sink or swim, competition and innovation? Seems to me that if Canadian regulators were to allow more competition in Canada’s telecommunications market we would surely see A LOT MORE rapid and innovative responses to marketplace changes. As it is now, there is absolutely no requirement for fat and lazy broadcasters to compete with one another when they know thay can show up at the next round of CRTC hearings waving their economic weapons of mass destruction and flags of culture to again fill their corporate cups on the backs of Canadian taxpayers.

Perhaps Canadian broadcasters might be wise to shed some of their other money losing media holdings before they plead poverty to the Canadian taxpayer? (:

Written by mattliving

April 28, 2009 at 8:11 am

The Pirate Bay Fight IS NOT About Movies, Music and TV Shows or Even Money. It’s About CONTROL!

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  • You can LEGALLY record songs on the radio and Internet for free.
  • You can LEGALLY record and watch television shows in the CANADA and US for FREE.
  • Movies are popular for about 60 days then they spend the next 10 months collecting dust on the selves at WalMart until they end up in the 2/$10 or less bin.

The recording companies and networks’ arguments for copyright do not ring true. Their fight is NOT about protecting the quality and integrity of the original works nor is it to ensure the ORIGINAL CREATOR is properly compensated because neither is the case.

It IS about control of virtually every single bit of information and entertainment. Their current argument could easily be made for news and information shows, educational shows and documentaries.

So some day down the road a big news company, oh I don’t know say Fox or CTVglobemedia decide that their news and information is SOOOO valuable that they are going to pursue every single users who “shares” snippets or links to their content. Using this ruling as a precedent they could win their argument. It would also put them out of business.

This is probably the first time in human history that the large corporations and monopolies do not have ultimate control of what is is available and when or where and to whom it’s available. Without the monopoly of distribution their business model falls to pieces .

So instead of changing their business models and competing with the marketplace they continually seek legislative means to take back control of the marketplace with things like the DMCA and the ACTA.

The bigger fight IS NOT about movies, music and television shows. It’s SIMPLY about control of THE MARKETS. ANY MARKETS. HOWEVER THOSE MARKETS MAY EVOLVE without having to COMPETE.

I have NO problem compensating the ORIGINAL creators for the works. However compensating the like of SONY and Paramount to fund their extortion racks is something entirely different.

Let’s hope the boys in Sweden finally get this discussion going in the right direction with EVERYONE involved. NOT just the privileged few.

Norwegian Telecom Telenor Say Blocking Websites Is WRONG!

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tpb_logo_sm1 Reuters: “Asking an ISP to control and assess what Internet users can and cannot download is just as wrong as asking the post office to open and read letters and decide what should and should not be delivered,” Norwegian telecom group Telenor said in response to the entertainment industries requests to block The Pirate Bay website.

bspcomment Finally an ISP with not only the stones to tell the increasingly lazy entertainment industry to fight it’s own battles – legally and to draw the perfect analogy to what blocking websites at the ISP level is really about.

I’ll say it again. Copyright is and was always intended to protect the ORIGINAL creator of the work not corporate revenue streams. What these corporations are trying to do is to criminalize copyright infringement which is currently a CIVIL matter. Meaning it is the responsibility both financial and otherwise of the copyright holder to enforce their copyrights. They have to hire the lawyers  and take the inf ringers to court for redress.

By criminalizing copyright infringement the corporate copyright holder seemly has to “report” the alleged infringer and now publicly funded, law enforcement must now “investigate” the alleged infringement.

Hollywood and the music industry could save MILLIONS by having the taxpayers fund their copyright enforcement. That’s what is really at stake here. Hollywood and the music companies don’t give a rat’s ass about the artists and “their” -cough- original copyright. Somehow the artists lose their copyrights by simply signing a recording contract!?

Written by mattliving

March 3, 2009 at 12:49 pm

Canada’s ISPs Stand Up For Their Own Fat, Greedy Asses While Flippin’ Users the Bird!

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ars technica: Canada’s telecoms regulator, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) is in the midst of a network neutrality proceeding, and the responses that rolled in this week were vociferous. Several ISPs and music groups objected to any such rules, arguing that they might stop ISPs from implementing all sorts of wonderful policies such as P2P upload throttling, website blocking, and graduated response rules.

One of the more interesting responses came from an ISP called Videotron, which told the CRTC that controlling access to content “peut être bénéfique non seulement pour les utilisateurs de services Internet mais pour la société en général”—that is, “could be beneficial not only to users of Internet services but to society in general.”

As examples of such benefits, Videotron mentioned the control of spam, viruses, and child pornography. It went on to suggest that graduated response rules—kicking users off the ‘Net after several accusations of copyright infringement—could also be included as a benefit to society in general.

bspcomment Here we go again. How is it that every few decades just as technology starts to truly transform the playing field the big players always step up and cry for government intervention. Yet when government even so much as hints at reviewing their side of the equation they all pop up out of their money stuffed dens and start chanting that free-market mantra bullshit that’s been screwing global economies royally the past 12 months and with NO end or bottom in sight!

Canadians consumers continue feel the negative effects of our “legislated” telecommunication oligopolies and again and again our political representatives and agencies charged to ensure equality and fairness get muscled and stroked by big media’s obscene lobby and public relations styled full court press.

Shame on these ISPs for invoking despicable activities like child pornography or make factually misleading statements like Rogers “P2P file sharing is designed to cause network congestion”. Huh? Based on what hard facts does Rogers make such an idiotic statement? These fuckin’ ID10Ts clearly do not think their comments are not going to get absolutely PWN’d by the Internet community at large!? I’m surprised these arrogant assholes didn’t try and invoke 9/11 or some other terrorist bogeymen to really drive home their insane argument for their abusive and anti-competitive “network management” activities, among others.

Throttling is one thing but when major ISPs step up to podium and claim that blocking sites and content is good for their business regulators had better make it absolutely clear that any such blocking will ONLY be tolerated for very well defined and clear legal reasons. The idea that Rogers, Videotron or Bell, all of who have major deals with big U.S. media corporations, are going to fairly manage access to the wider Internet is COMPLETELY LAUGHABLE and extremely dangerous.

Clearly Google, Microsoft and other big Internet players see the great danger these ideas pose and are not going to take such activities lying down and nor should ANY Canadian for that matter.

Written by mattliving

February 27, 2009 at 8:06 pm

Hollywood Admits DRM About New Revenue Streams. Not Piracy.

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drmarstechnica: For almost ten years now I have argued that digital rights management has little to do with piracy, but that is instead a carefully plotted ruse to undercut fair use and then create new revenue streams where there were previously none. I will briefly repeat my argument here before relating a prime example of it in the wild.

Access control technologies such as DRM create “scarcity” where there is immeasurable abundance, that is, in a world of digital reproduction. The early years saw tech such as CSS tapped to prevent the copying of DVDs, but DRM has become much more than that. It’s now a behavioral modification scheme that permits this, prohibits that, monitors you, and auto-expires when. Oh, and sometimes you can to watch a video or listen to some music.

The basic point is that access control technologies are becoming more and more refined. To create new, desirable product markets (e.g., movies for portable digital devices), the studios have turned to DRM (and the law) to create the scarcity (illegality of ripping DVDs) needed to both create the need for it and sustain it. Rather than admit that this is what they’re doing, they trot out bogus studies claiming that this is all caused by piracy. It’s the classic nannying scheme: “Because some of you can’t be trusted, everyone has to be treated this way.” But everybody knows that this nanny is in it for her own interests.

Like all lies, there comes a point when the gig is up; the ruse is busted. For the movie studios, it’s the moment they have to admit that it’s (DRM) not the piracy that worries them, but business models which don’t squeeze every last cent out of customers.

bspcommentTold yah so! Seriously, the issue of control of the technology that ultimately controls access to information and knowledge is an issue that is going to have to be resolved in the light of day with public discussion.

It’s this very issue that is driving the Pirate Bay to challenge big media’s right to control not only their their precious content but to control the systems and the technology used to access it. This is also why organizations like the RIAA and the European counterparts have turned to legislators and ISPs rather than deal with their copyright problems in civil court, where it belongs.

It is also the underlying reason why big media, worldwide, is pushing participating countries into signing the Anti-Counterfeiting Treaty Agreement as soon as possible and perferrably WITHOUT any public involvement. The Internet has released a very big and powerful genie from hte bottle of controled media current attempts to stuff the freedom of use and access genie back in the bottle grow larger in scale with every attempt.

Written by mattliving

February 24, 2009 at 8:40 am


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SaveOurNet.ca is a coalition of citizens, businesses, and public interest groups fighting to protect our Internet’s level playing field. We’re calling on lawmakers and industry to protect openness, choice, and access for ALL Canadians — and stopping lobbyists and special interests from ruining Canada’s Internet.

Written by mattliving

February 22, 2009 at 12:02 am