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MSNBC’s Dylan Ratigan Cuts Through The 9/11 Bullshit

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Written by mattliving

October 23, 2010 at 8:03 am

Obama Tells His Nation to Grow Up and Take Responsibility.

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obama_address-feb24-09President Obama’s Address to Congress last evening was to say the least a breathe of fresh air and reminded me of those father and son tlaks that we used to have with our children whenn they strayed from the path.

While he showed measured restaint when speaking about the banks, investment firms and automobile industry he certainly left no doubt what he expects from not only them but the people that elected him.

In a classic pull up your socks moment, he called out members of congress right along side with parents who seems to find little time to – well be a parent.

President Obama did not try and minimize the the size and scope of the crisis the entire planet faces today. Nor did he claim to have any silver bullet solutions. But what he did offer was a series of solutions designed to shore up confidence and secure America’s short-term economic position.

He also offered some pretty tough words for those old and tired Republican members of Congress who even though they lost the last two elections running on the same platform of ideas that their newly appointed spokeman  Bobby Jindal, Governor of Louisiana claimed were solutions to the problems largely caused by his parties neglect of oversight and regulation. He even went so far as to try and use his parties’ failure to respond to Hurricane Katrina as a model on how to move forward! Rachel Maddow’s response is truly priceless!

What struck me the most about last evenings address was the fact that it was much more a conversation than an address. His address felt and sounded more like a direct and adult conversation rather than an overprepared public relations piece designed to satisify party and popular politics rather than address the problems the US and most G20 countries currently face.

Based on what he presented last night I believe President Obama is prepared to move quickly and to keep moving as quickly as possible on repairing the American democracy and social programs that have been neglected and kicked around as political footballs for far too long. I am also confident that this swift movement will surely be countered by opposition party foot-dragging and a hullaballo about too much government and that near constant whine from the free-marketers about let them decide the fate of the world.

The sad fact is we did leave far too much trust and responsibility for our world in the hands of individuals and corporations who claimed to have our best interests in heart to protect “our” precious free-market, only to watch them all gorge themselves in an frenzied orgy of collateralized debt obligations and credit default swaps that made a very few, momentarily very rich but has all but destroyed world markets for possibly decades to come.

Written by mattliving

February 25, 2009 at 9:09 am

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