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They WILL Rise Up.

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Written by mattliving

July 8, 2009 at 8:30 pm

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Saudis Resort To Economic Terrorism To Save Oil? (:

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Switching too early to “slowly evolving” alternative fuels risks lowering levels of investment in fossil fuels and increasing market speculation on oil prices, [the Oil Minister] said. “The consequences can be deeply counter-productive to global energy security.”

TreeHugger: Saudi Arabia, the world’s biggest oil exporting country, has just issued a warning against a “premature shift” to renewable energy. In related news, bottled water companies have issued a warning against a “premature shift” to tap water, and tobacco companies have warned against a “premature shift” to quitting smoking. Seriously, though-Saudi Arabia’s Oil Minister gave a speech at the Energy Pact Conference saying that oil, natural gas, and coal must remain the energy “workhorses” for many decades to come-and that investing in alternative energy too early could lower levels of investment in fossil fuels and ruin the global energy economy.

The Shock Doctrine and various forms of economic and employment terrorism are getting awful tiresome don’t you think?

Seems every few weeks another dying or broken business model and it’s bloats, festering lobby bob up in the swamp and expel the gases of fear and apocalyptic vision of life without them.

ENOUGH already! We’re moving on so sit down and STFU unless you want to contribute something meaningful to the discussion besides the five horseman!

Written by mattliving

March 17, 2009 at 7:39 am